Lemmy sucks.

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I am slightly bemused but I do feel like it was an inappropriate thing to offer without asking if that was something that I wanted

What the heck??

Dude, I have a girlfriend. I’m not having sex on purpose.

I can’t do private messages on Lotide, unfortunately

I guess that’s the category I’m in, being a Christian. Outside of a Christian environment I’d have no trouble having sex.

LOL true! I’m a guy! I think I’ve declared across the Fediverse that I’m a guy, although I’m more active on Mastodon and Soapbox than Lotide

You sound like the kinda person this rule is explicitly designed to remove from the platform lol

Well I guess Truth Social is riding a banwave of normies to some extent

That works too, to be fair

The dream would be to ride banwaves of normies

That is a huge difference, and a huge improvement, we can agree on that for sure

The biggest problem with free speech is just getting normy users to help balance things out.

True…it’d have taken courting normies from the beginning before accepting everyone else, I think

TYT Journalist Hasan Piker Addresses Online Comments

Ah I see. It seems like you define “free speech platforms” as those that allow you to say whatever you want. I define them as platforms that both allow you to see what you want, and make no effort to hide, derank, or otherwise limit the visibility of speech based on its content. That sort of censorship, I think, is a big problem at other sites like Twitter and YouTube, for example.

Removing the undesirables is by no means the only method of censorship; de-ranking their content has a similar effect.

I do appreciate your more nuanced and detailed explanation about what exactly you’ll do with offensive content though.

What's the state of federation on Wolfballs?
Federation to narwhal.city seems to work just fine, but I can't see your posts from social.teci.world...

Thoughts on White Replacement Theory?
Seems relevant now after that Buffalo shooting


The LaBrant family has over 13 million subscribers on YouTube https://timcast.com/news/youtube-family-faces-backlash-after-posting-an-abortion-documentary/

Hundreds of people from around the world find their way to David Allen's tattoo studio every year, especially those who are counting on Allen to help them feel whole. https://religionnews.com/2021/10/28/god-tattoos-and-empathy-the-art-of-healing-from-trauma/

We are better than Hacker News
In fact all the Fediverse technologies that allow link aggregation and forum discussions are better than Hacker News.

The left needs to get on the same page on the topic of the exploitation of women. https://youtu.be/9LK_pB3J2GM