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"Humanure": Human Manure

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seems like an authoritarian move

They could remove gov’t support from them tho

dang the camera still isn’t working on ppp?

really tinkerer devices

discussions has a lot of those kinds of posts right now lol

people do the weirdest things

good to see

also a reminder to consider setting up your monetization strategy before the email if you want to capture some customers. obviously optional. I appreciate the forum and hope you can recoup some operational costs and extra to fund whatever.

an unconscious reason I started skating, it’s just guys out there and the women aren’t even comparable with skill levels

I see a lot more grils out there today though but it’s still like no women have done any 900s

I really liked the “open world” kind of format of non-contest oriented skating (putting out skate clips and parts). It’s like, you film a trick and either you did it or not. Can’t really cheat. Doesn’t matter if you’re on drugs or not, not sure if steroids or anything would help you perform better. I played some sports where people cheated, and you were at the mercy of the calls of like umpires or authorities. Can’t really get that in skating (unless you’re in like the XGames or Street League).

Same with programming, like does your code work or not? I don’t need a drug test of your open source contribution, kek. edit: and we don’t see the same amount of female programmers either.

another edit: I’d like to see more based skating. I’ve always thought it was kind of associated neutrally politically with anarchism. Lots of lefty antifa skaters tho. But not all of us. And this is nice to see, it’s basically a libertarian or conservative opposition to trans degeneracy in skating. although I’m not much in to competitions. Skating has been made family friendly so there’s that kind of conservative streak to it. Most people know of Tony Hawk and the THPS video games. There’s some conservative norms, like the natural rise of men and a culture of men skating (biological differences become apparent). idk I’ve just thought of this off and on, the skate world seems mixed but libertarian-leaning politically maybe.

she’ll probably just go anyway and no one will stop her

or the decision will be reversed

> !remindme (if this was reddit)

I am kinda supportive of this as a cheaper option for those who would otherwise be homeless

but they’ll try to charge same amounts as iamtanmay said so I also share an objection with you to the format as well

yeah I knew a distant friend who died in a car crash, he was riding with a friend and it was rainy on a highway and the friend lost control of the vehicle

I think of him from time to time and that I want to be better for him

edit: this makes me think of other things. like if I was to die today, or people I know, what would be some of the last things I’d want to do or tell people? But yet this could happen today. So then it’s a question of if there are things that should be said or done today and not delayed in to the future. It’s good to meditate on one’s death and live accordingly.

time to fast

> transgender mutant

should we reeeeee that htis is transphobic for depicting trans as mutants…?

maybe not $24, but I imagine some approximation can be calculated, maybe in cities or states.

So many people only see things through a lens of violence, or forcing people to pay certain amounts using the law

I would like to see a voluntary calculation and breakdown of amounts that people think necessary for living wages and family wages (family wages were thought to be the amount a man needed to provide for a wife and ~3 children I think), then they could try to persuade others of the amount if they think that to be reasonable

of course the feminists will reeeeee about structuring society around family wages (paying men more to provide for their families, and working to educate men more to be able to secure such wages).

really this conversation has only come up I think because the economy has been allowed to become so degraded; the boomers didn’t have it this way

When's The Supreme Court Decision To Come Out?

Or don’t we know?..

does it correlate with an increase in obesity or lowering of testosterone in men

I don’t understand the mechanics involved tbh

also a lot of covid seemed “faked” so I am wondering how they might try to fake a famine (“some else” is starving rather than others?)

saw some places post this like antiwork I think…

PersonalMBA: Learning Business Through A Book & Books

10th annversary copy out now, lots of the book online or list of books suggested for reading …


Debate: Therapy Is A Scam

I think psychological insights can be helpful which people can read about and put in to practice, and talking to people but they don’t need to be therapists …