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Christian, MAGA, Site admin, meme master, based media outlet. We need to get the America 1st out to everyone in positive light. Philosophically I’m a civic nationalist with hard liner approaches to certain issues. Bilingual republicans need to do outreach and we need to ballot harvest legally.

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I was legitimately scared of the first silent hill game

I’ve had roasted rabbit before, tastes like chicken

Watched it, it was kind of a big mess. Idk what to say


According to muh cosmopolitan magazine it’s stunning and brave

Very true

At least we got some dank memes out of it

Yeah its fucked up

I prefer calling them fat cunts myself

Ive done extensive research on this subject, African head statues in olmec era, phonecians and polynesians were everywhere and rumored to have employed dolphins as part of their exploration efforts. Pharaohs mummies with coke dust on them, vikings fighting native Americans, templars escaping to seemingly no where, chinese dragon culture influence in aztecs, pyramids everywhere, evidence of nuclear explosions in deserts in India, designs for jet aircraft in ancient Indian text,

Hopefully She’s gone off to be euthanized and made into glue like the rest of the broken down horses from the stable

That was all muh russian disinformation

Id rather take my date on a grey hound to NYC than that shit, at least id understand the language

Abolish is too nice