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Is it wrong that I support this procedure for some leftists really, not really, but really

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There definitely needs to be a grassroots effort

the real answer is getting inflation to go down so paper money isnt worthless. Raising minimum wage without addressing inflation does nothing. I’m no economist or expert in the field of economy or finance but in my opinion as inflation rises paper money becomes more worthless. as minimum wage increases it seems like corporations see it and raise prices as if it centrally planned. not sure if it is but one thing is for certain, the people most affected by paper money losing value are those on fixed incomes, those living pay check to pay check, low wage workers, those who make most of their income by tips but the worst are those where they can barely feed their themselves or their family and the homeless and destitute that pan handle (beg for money) to survive. the combination of high inflation, rising prices of goods and services particularly in transportation is crippling the average americans ability to get by and save money (gas in my state has sky rocketed with an increase of about %125 [before biden average was $2.00 per gallon, now with biden $4.60 just about it seems]) my opinion is that its all planned to fast forward us into one world government. a one size fits all plan for all countries who go along with the pre made plan. countries that dont follow suit will see sanctions, turmoil, invasion.

Lololol preger Jew taught me some key things about how the parties didn’t switch and things like that but yeah he’s definitely a bit of a hypocrite on some things

Ok ill look fir you eventually sometime today

What is your handle