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I can relate to this meme big time

I’m all for open communication so I like it

So I’m ignorant to this subject, explain it to me as if I were a mentally challenged 5 year old, I’m s stone age man stuck in the post modern world



It’s a nationalist populist thing, Jesse Ventura and Ron Paul got me into it, early in the Obama administration I was disappointed with what was going on, his continued war mongering in the middle East, a phony Nobel Peace Prize, plus the bush wars made me into a person who hated both sides, but those two plus random political commentary from Trump got me hooked, then the tea party movement came and I started researching what nationalism was, past mistakes of nationalism and discovered what liberal globalism was, that with Alex Jones and conspiracy theories pushed me to the right, but hey I just want cheap gas, strong borders and the swamp to be drained, Trump did that but not enough swamp draining, plus he failed at other things but overall I give him an A for effort and changing the cultural landscape, all over the world right wing nationalism (not fascism which the left calls it) is surging thanks to him, Nigel Farage and others, plus seeing Europe fall into decay and America fall into decay from unmitigated immigration and terrible left wing policy is horrible

Reeeee!! She’s a proud black woman

This is too much 🤣🤣🤣

Wiggle Hard

Reeeee! These words are the words of a bigoted imbasurectionist reeeeeeee!!!


Last part of this reply is pretty awesome


Im MAGA all day if u ask why ill tell u why

Bill clinton was in attendance with a mountain dew and a pizza trying to lure a fat bitch to his dungeon of cigar tubes and pizza

Personal question for sake of conversation, carpet or no carpet and what do you prefer, a shaved man or a untamed bush

I personally don’t care if the kitty is bald or not

There’s a common theme in your posts when needless murders and fights occur, I’d be a racist to point it out

It’ll be hard to sneak a bus full of illegal Latin people onto a ferry especially now that they’re aware

Even on a cruise the ghetto won’t leave them

Ok, I’ll send u some audios of me singing and you see if it inspires your playing, (and vice versa) my lyrics don’t have music and I can adjust how I sing to match the music I hear