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Yeah. I use sqlite a lot. The older system is one of the oldest softwares I’ve written that is still in use (or was in use before I made version 2). I tried to squelize that version somewhat recently and tried to atomize the state quite a bit (rather than one big state object) because that’s one of the advantage of sql because you can administrate it easily. But it lead to too many simultaneous writes for some operations that sqlite didn’t like it. Big record (using it like a document store) is the way to go, but even then db is better than fs even for that as we just found out. Transactional operations are good.

Edit: Basically I sqlize everything but I had made an exception for this one project because of it didn’t play nice with the standard use of sql, at least in sqlite, in an earlier version.

Yeah. The old system had those. I think I’m going to do an all of the above approach. Backups. Move to db instead of files. Make an fs-safe module for writing to an existing file safer. Get that disk so far from being full any time soon. And also move that software off of that particular server entirely.

Personal. I write my own project management software. I just moved to a version 2 I just created from a similar system that I used for years. I’ve been very happy with it and have only used it for about a month. Well guess what I just lost. All content within it.

Oh well. It’s a glorified todo list. Most of the old stuff wasn’t going to get done anyway. It just pisses me off a bit because it’s weird to think that your life goes in a completely different direction just because of one catastrophic write. I don’t like the idea of something so small having an impact at that scale. I’ll ultimately will never be repopulated with some of the things that were in there.

Well, time to repopulate it with various measures to ensure that never happens again.

I just discovered the bad way that nodejs has catastrophic writes when a disk is full
When a disk is full instead of refusing to write, if the file already exists it will just overwrite it and write zero bytes. Be prepared to lose data if you write to the same file multiple times and don't wrap your writeFile function in something that tests disk space first or moves the original to a temp location to be moved back on a write failure.

You would think that Elon would start with a smaller social media company first to demonstrate, at least to themselves, that they can make improvements on a social media company and to learn something about that space before making critical moves with something high value.

IDK, maybe they’ve done a few test projects without the public knowing. Which small forum is secretly run by Tesla?

Maybe we make an AI that prevents that.

Train an AI to perform identity matrexes on writing through a bottle neck. What an identiy matrix is is when you tell an AI to produce the same output as it’s input. But how is that useful? Because you can bottleneck the amount of data that can flow from the input to the output below the complexity of either. That means the AI has to develop a “gist” state associated with the input and then output something from the gist state. So the AI would get the gist of your writing and then output the corresponding writing associated with that gist but standardized.

I wouldn’t say its moves are better than Boston Dynamics.

Still, they got as many takes as they want, as well as cuts.

Even if you like Elon remember that Walt Disney was our guy but the capital of a company can be repurposed.

I had no idea he was still making stuff.

Once again commodities are proving to be more useful than currency which is why trade deficits being viewed as negative is backwards.

You can’t sanction without sanctioning yourself because you are just requiring that trade doesn’t happen. What if Russia sanctioned them and didn’t give them gas. Would than not be an attack also?

But if I had to be on any side of stalled trade I’d rather be on the side that retains a commodity. A stall in trade hurts both sides but it hurts the side without a needed commodity more while the side that retained the commodity can still sell if for nearly the same price elsewhere or use it themselves.

Wanting to starve a warring country of cash but also giving it an excess of fuel in war time. That’s always been the number one way to stop an army. /s

Maybe that’s why they hated Trump. He actually got pissed about that while Biden plays along.

Good point. I had searched milk in a search engine and when I glanced at the resulting page and it looked close enough my eyes went straight to the chart.

Everyone should stop accepting USD. I even reduced my hours to accept less of it and focus on producing value other ways.

In some ways I’m pro-inflation because I think society should begin recognizing the correct value of the dollar, zero. The question is does the value of the dollar collapse because we correctly recognize that it has none or because they print more. Not all inflation is the same. The second one has more wealth transfer to the banks. The first one basically absolves everyone’s debt to the bank because all the loans are all termed in USD.

I’ve seen it in real life. Stay away from drugs kids.

You can just use a multi-coin wallet. Exodus is one. It’s a little memory bloated though because it uses electron. If you use the same seed in it as you did to set up your Ethereum you should be funding the same wallet set between all your coins and won’t have to transfer between wallets to use funds out of a different software.

The mistake is having a public school in the first place.

“Settle the score with”

Such childish language. When we are talking about war that ruins people’s lives it’s shocking that people that childish are even allowed to speak without all of society coming down on them. A more mature society would.

He clearly loves animals. Why else would he become a zoo keeper.

I just bought my first 3D printer. An Ender 3. What should I do for my first prints?
I got a good deal on it. Only $100 for an Ender 3 3d pro. I had to drive quite a ways to get it because I had a coupon from a store that is nowhere near me (microcenter). I'm pretty sure they were basically handing them out hoping that you'll buy filament but they are way too far for that drive so I'll be using the internet. I didn't even buy any while I was there so they didn't even get one filament sale out of me. I literally have zero filament at this point so any recommendations you'd be willing to give me don't need to worry too much about what I currently have because I can remedy that and will have to anyway unless I want to print air. This is the [beast I believe I have](https://www.amazon.com/Pro-Removable-Certified-8-66x8-66x9-84in-220x220x250mm/dp/B07GYRQVYV/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=ender+3+3d+pro&qid=1663277649&sr=8-2). I haven't even assembled it yet. Also, does anyone have good software opinions for operating in the Linux realm? I'm sure a simple search will hand me a software to use but I might as well ask if people have some more informed opinions than what a search engine will turn up.

They had their internal trial. When trying to have a more official one no fault can be found. But they will still demand punishment and the “offender” to be disposed of. If only there were some point of history we could look back to where the same thing happened…

If such an event did occur in the past, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be able to think of it.

Apparently *Catholics* are too conservative to work at an elementary school.

Idea: Unfinger-printable javascript alternative for a tor-like browser
I'm starting to think everyone should only be using tor. I'm my own hypocrite just because there is no decent content on tor. That could of course change if everyone used tor. But the lack of front end javascript (if people aren't throwing 100% of the privacy value of tor out the window) makes it harder for developers to take interest in making content and users to use it. The problem is that the tor browser is based on a normal modern browser so the second you turn a feature on that feature was designed around zero concern for privacy. The solution.. that I'm not actually going to put time into myself. Create a new browser with its own scripting language for accomplishing an absolute subset of javascript's features. It should not be able to request a location or anything fancy even with all features turned on. It will not have any concept of a user-agent. To avoid CPU profiling it will 100% operate in an emulator and have the same tick speed from device to device. If you application requires more ticks a second than are allowed the script simply will not run. I'd like to let it use AJAX because that's pretty much the one requirement to making modern application like websites which is what people expect these days. So DOM manipulation and AJAX. That's it. The other border lines are cookies and local storage. I could see a lot of arguments against cookies and many have argued against their entire non-existence on surface net. The problem is today almost all tor based sites make a lot of use of cookies because without something like javascript running how else are you going to tell that someone is signed in. Cookies so far have not been the main weakness of tor so perhaps they'd be ok for tor-browser 2.0. I know tor can creep people out but the point is to get normal content on there because it's becoming increasingly honest that the government, media, and tech are a part of a criminal cabal and no amount if innocence could reliably defend you from them having any of your data. Data seen by all of those parties tied to a real person should be zero and zero for everyone including the least tech-savvy. I suppose the language would need to compile into a kind of assembly that doesn't correlate with an actual cpu. We don't want it to have the capacity to run on a cpu but we need to have discrete instructions we can ration to make all computers perform the same.

I'm working on a play through.