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Lucky for Poland that Russia only destroys its own pipelines, but not those of its competitors.

Jokes on you, around here bike lanes are often in the middle of small roads.

US has a lot of experience fighting poor countries without any airforce, let alone capability to produce tanks. Fighting a peer competitor like China isnt comparable to that at all.

Fake equipment, sure. Whose ships and submarines keep getting into accidents and breaking down regularly? Certainly not China.

And Taiwan can prepare as much as they want, but it will always 23 million people vs 1.4 billion. Thats two orders of magnitude difference in population, and probably similar in industrial and mikitary capacity.

I guarantee that US military wouldnt have a chance of defeating China iver Taiwan. First of all, China has all its forces concentrated in one region, while the US is spread out all over the world. Second, distances are much shortee for China, meaning they can use ground-based missiles and aircraft, while US is limited to ships and a couple of military bases. Supply lines would also be much shorter for China, compared to the US that has to ship supplies over thousands of km. And probably import some parts and raw matrrials from China.

Why dont you post this stuff as links? Sucks on mobile.

So in other words its science fiction. The rocket equation puts a really hard physical limit on heavier rockets. So I will believe it when I see it.

Interesting, didnt hear about that. But theres a huge step going from 3 crew to 100 passengers + x crew.

Spacex has never launched humans into space, so I will believe it when I see it. Besides they are clearly backed by United States which is a superpower (for now).

Dont get caught up in the baseless hype. Musk is known for making big promises, and failing to deliver. Just watch this video and you will see.


Thanks, Im checking out 延禧攻略. So far so good.

Can you recommend some of these chinese dramas? I watched a couple, but never with such a storyline.

Everything is edible if you try hard enough.

Ah yes, Afghans caused all problems themselves. NATO dueing its 20 year military occupation did nothing except hand out flowers.

I think its more because of the boost functionality (sorry I only know the name feom Mastodon), which means that any tweet can reach a huge audience. And for that it is most effective to post provocative and short-lived things. So this is actively encouraged, and people change their behaviour accordingly.

At least on a forum we can take the time to write long messages like this. And dont have other people barging in with unrelated replies. Nor do forums usually have “shitstorms” like twitter does.

Not sure, could be.

Twitters design definitely encourages such behaviour. Though its likely that all these factors play a role.

There is a story that a group of Israelis were dancing in the street in NYC as they saw the attack. Makes sense if you consider that it would result in massive military support for Israeli interests in the following years.